Get your bottle shots done right!

Swanx has developed a method for creating 100% digital, studio quality product imagery that looks even better than a professional photograph. Our proprietary method saves you time, hassle and money. We make the bottles digitally, no shipping necessary. Just send us you labels and we take care of the rest.

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Top 5 Reasons to Get Professional Bottles Shots Done With Swanx

#1 Sell More Wine Online

Proper product imagery is essential for effective e-commerce. This is especially true with selling wine online.

#2 Get Flawless Product Imagery

Glass is highly reflective so photographing wine bottles can be difficult and expensive. Our method is 100% digital and provides flawless results.

#3 No Shipping

Shipping your wine is time consuming, costly and can become a huge hassle. With Swanx, we do our work digitally so there is no need to send your wines to us.

#4 Easy Order Process

Swanx makes the ordering process easy. Just tell us how many bottle shots you need and email us your labels in digital format. Then take a quick snap shot of your bottles so we can see you bottle specification.

#5 Super Fast Turn Around

Get your product imagery done fast! Fast turnaround make us the best solution to your bottle shot needs. We can get them done within 5 business days.

So here is what we need

Take a photo of your bottles so we can see the following:

  • Foil color
  • Bottle shape
  • label position

Note: this does not need to be a top quality photo. Just line your bottles up and shoot them as a group. If you can get a while background behind the bottles, that would be great!

Then provide the following items below:

  • Your label art work in a layered format-ask your graphic design team for these files
  • A typed list of the wines you need bottle shots for.